Walkera Furious 320 Racing Drone

Product Description

The Walkera Furious 320 racing drone sets the standard for high performance operation combined with professional HD image quality. This equipment will be an asset to any real estate agency/agent and provide an excellent opportunity to exceed vendor expectations whilst simultaneously impressing prospective buyers.

With the addition of custom branding at no extra charge, the Walkera Furious 320 racing drone will add a professional, unique point of difference to your business at an extremely affordable price.



  • Professional quality HD video & photography
  • Superior flight control & extensive flight range
  • Customised with your design/logo
  • Fast turnaround
  • Industry leading quality & design
  • High functionality
  • 3 different models available


           Remote Control
           AC Charge: No (USB Charge Only)
         Flight Range: 50m
         Remote Frequency: 2.4G
         Mobile Device App (Remote Control): Available
         Flight Time: 5 Minutes
         6 Axis Gyro

    Whats Included



    Promo Drones Warranty Policy is valid for 14 days from the date your drone is delivered.  A replacement drone will be issued within 30 days from receipt your drone for any approved issue.

    Manufacturing Issues:  Were happy to own our mistakes! If your drone is faulty upon receipt due to a manufacturing issue, Promo Drones will replace your drone. Our manufacturers adhere to strict quality control measures in order to avoid this situation in the first instance, however, we understand that occasionally manufacturing defects can occur.

    If your drone qualifies for replacement under these terms, simply notify us via email (warranty@promodrones.com.au) and return your drone (including all packaging and parts) to Promo Drones via the details listed on our Contact page.

    Troubleshooting:  Prior to initiating the return of your drone, we would recommend a review of our frequently asked questions (FAQs). In many instances, simple issues that could appear as manufacturing faults to the uninitiated/beginner pilot can be resolved through simple troubleshooting steps. If this fails, our service team may be able to assist further (service@promodrones.com.au)

    Crashes/Improper Operation:  Not that were questioning your flying credentials... but unfortunately crashes and improper operation (eg; attaching the drone to your rottweiler and attempting lift off) resulting in damage to your drone are not covered by our warranty. Just as were happy to own our manufacturing mistakes, were quite certain that our customers will display the same integrity in owning their mistakes.

    That said, were also aware that mastering the flight of drones is not necessarily easy! For this reason we have included links to licensed providers of drone flight training and assessment. Additionally, read the Flight Tips and instructions that accompany your drone - they really do help!

    Damage in Transit:  Consistent with our theme of claiming responsibility for our actions, recompense for any drone damaged in transit should be pursued with the relevant carrier. Please assess the individual carrier’s terms for reporting damaged goods and follow their guidelines in order to claim damages. 

    Although pursuing claims for damage in transit will ultimately be the responsibility of the Purchaser, Promo Drones will be happy to assist when possible in order to mediate a satisfactory outcome.

    International Purchases:  Please note: All international orders are considered final.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Houston, we have a problem... why wont my drone take off?

    Dont panic! Theres often a simple reason for your failure to launch - as a starting point, we recommend checking the following:

    1. Has the drone power switch been turned on?
    2. Has the drone been sufficiently charged?
    3. Does the controller have batteries?
    4. Is the controller switched on?
    5. Has the controller been paired correctly with the drone (Fore more details, read: How do I pair my remote controller with the drone?)?
    6. Are all the propellers rotating?
    7. Are the propellers configured correctly?

    Still no luck? If all else fails, please refer to the Operators Manual for further instruction and troubleshooting tips.

    How do I pair my remote controller with my drone?

    For the PD-124 Trade Nano Drone, please follow these steps to pair with your remote controller:

    1. Turn the drone power switch ON.
    2. Turn the controller power switch ON.
    3. Wait for two successive BEEPS from the controller
    4. Push left joystick up until it BEEPS.
    5. Pull left joystick down until it BEEPS.

    Your PD-124 Trade Nano Drone should now be pair and ready for lift off!

    Why does my drone keep going sideways?

    There could be a couple of reasons for this:

    1. Your drone requires trimming. This requires the adjustment of individual rotor speed which can be adjusted quite easily. Please refer to your Operators Manual for further instructions.
    2. Youre propellers are incorrectly installed (Please refer to How should my propellers be configured? - the diagram will demonstrate how your drones propellers should be configured correctly).

    Oops! I CRASHED my drone!!! Can I order replacement parts?

    Yes! All of our drones come with replacement set of propellers, however, if you require more we sell Crash Kits for each drone. Please visit the shop to find the right crash kit for your drone.

    What is your returns policy?

    Please refer to the Warranty tab or Terms & Conditions page for further information.

    Download Manual